Can you read and understand the text in this video?



Amazingly, most people can. It just goes to show how powerful your mind is when it comes to deciphering information. The video you just watched was set at about 240 words per minute. In this video we began to jumble the text up inside the words, in a method described by Cambridge University, keeping the first and last character of each word consistent. We then increased the speed of streaming.

The technology behind the fast moving words is being developed by Spritz and also documented by Squirt. Their amazing work on Optimal Recognition Point (ORP) aims to reimagine the way people read.

We’re always on the hunt for new and innovative ways to display information. One of the things we’ve wrangled with at Inquiron is how to better visualize the text contained in a PDF document, especially when looking at documents on a mobile device. Improve readability and you can help people consume complex information, quickly and effectively.

If you really want to test your brain, try reading the text in this second video, which is set at 600 words per minute!