Analysts are often asked to present security information on a map, usually in relation to an area of operation or interest. Creating annotated map images in powerpoint can be fiddly and time consuming.

We are in the process of building an image editor to cut down the time it takes to create annotated maps that convey geospatial security information.

Our Information Management System (IMS) allows you to view and interact with incident data. The new image editor feature lets you select areas of interest and highlight relevant incidents, which are then automatically turned into an annotated image. You can edit the image further with text and shapes. The final version can be downloaded as an image file or as a powerpoint presentation.

Within our IMS you can choose from a variety of different ways to display the information, depending on what you’re trying to highlight. For example, if you are interested in showing the intensity of security incidents overall, you could select the heatmap which can show you ‘hot spots’. Alternatively, you could select the marker or cluster view which will display incident data using individual markers or group them together by area.

The image editor allows you to cut down the amount of time it takes to create high quality annotated images of incident data by extracting the imagery and data directly from the system and displaying them together automatically. Annotated images can then be downloaded and used in presentations or reports.

Images can also include things like specific incident text, overlays and POIs so all relevant information can be shared easily and quickly.

If you are interested in hearing more about how our system can create annotated maps or to find out more about our IMS, drop us an email.