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Inquiron creates software to help organizations aggregate, visualize and analyze data.
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About Us

Our story so far

Inquiron was borne out of the need to manage complex political and security information in unpredictable and remote frontier regions like Iraq and East Africa.


The skills we developed there – handling unstructured data in low bandwidth areas – have helped us innovate and develop intuitive methods for exploring and visualizing data. We now apply our approach to most markets and sectors, including financial services, media, health, education and government.


We’re a dedicated team, and we’re proud to be working on some big problems for some of the world’s biggest and best companies.


We love talking about what we do and would love to tell you more about where we’ve come from and where we’re going.

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We’re focused on designing and building software that does complex things but is easy to use. We’re not all computer science grads – we have MBAs, Arts and Science degrees, which allows us to fuse technology with the humanities. Our team has a range of experience from working with big companies, militaries, governments, academic research, as well as smaller companies.


We’re always interested in talented people, whatever their background.


We look for people with a passion for making things better, with a keen eye on the future and a focus on customer experience. If you’re interested in working with us, please write to us explaining why at

Interested in joining our team?