We aim to provide as much useful information as possible within our Information Management System. In order to do that, we have made it possible to include social data and news feeds, such as Twitter and media sources, on the system.

Our clients don’t need to sign in to Twitter or browse multiple news sites to find the information they are looking for, everything is already within one single application. All they have to do is click through to the original content.

We make use of Twitter’s REST API to fetch Twitter feeds from useful or interesting accounts. These Twitter feeds can then be shown within our Information Management System and can be searched for specific words or hashtags.

The system also displays RSS feeds from different news sources. The News API we have created lets us add news sources easily so you can see and search news updates on our system directly before clicking through to the original content. This can be useful as it pulls together disparate sources into the same place.

We can add loads of other useful sources including Facebook, as well as open source data such as World Bank Data or weather data.

News and social media feed

Image showing news and social media updates for Basra.