As you might know from our previous posts, we’re doing a lot of R&D around the concept of movement, using vehicle, driver and journey analytics to help our clients improve safety, efficiency and performance.  We really enjoyed this month’s MIT Technology Review which had lots of good articles on the use of technology and data in cars. This article describes car-to-car communication, a technology we’re already exploring.

The way we go online in cars is also described and questioned in this excellent article by Seval Oz.  And, if you’re into hardware, you might be interested in Nvidia’s new self-driving car computer, described here.

We particularly enjoyed last month’s edition of the Harvard Business Review which ran several features on decision making.  The articles, referenced here, made good reading for us; as a company, we’re especially interested in improving decision making for our clients, using a combination of data, technology and human expertise to do so.

The debate around the ethics and usage of artificial intelligence is heating up at the moment.  We’ve selected two good articles that cover the debate well.  This Economist article suggests that people should be more worried about computers replacing their jobs rather than taking over the world; a similar article from the MIT Technology Review questions our fear of AI.

And what about the election in the UK?  We enjoyed watching it from a data perspective, and were particularly interested in the way the various media outlets presented information to their viewers and readers. While there were some clangers, we highlight this example of hexagonal binning by the Guardian as a particularly appealing view of election data, visualized using a variation of a technique called hex binning.  If you want to know how to produce a similar map, try learning from Mike Bostock’s example here.

What are you reading at the moment?  We’re keen to hear what’s trending.