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Building a Geofence API – Making it easier to search, customise, save and export geofences

Usually, geofences are all about drawing geometrics on a map using OpenLayers or Leaflet (open-source libraries to load, display and render maps). However, this can be really time consuming as you have to trace geofences manually. This can lead to errors and irregularities at different zoom levels of the map. We thought we would simplify …

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Exploring data around a specific location

We’re always looking for new ways to help people find the information they need, fast. Recently we’ve been working on a way to enhance the geographic search within our platforms. Location can be an important factor when you’re searching information, and we want to help our customers easily discover all the information that relates to …

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Planning journeys in frontier markets: exploring the applications of routing algorithms

We’ve been doing some R&D work on the application of routing algorithms and wanted to share our progress. We’re interested in using routing algorithms to help identify the safest journey along a given route. Usually routing tools provides the shortest or quickest route from a starting point to a destination. To create a route, a …

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