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A faster way to annotate security information on maps

Analysts are often asked to present security information on a map, usually in relation to an area of operation or interest. Creating annotated map images in powerpoint can be fiddly and time consuming. We are in the process of building an image editor to cut down the time it takes to create annotated maps that …

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Feature development and mini-golf in Dubai

It’s great to be over in our Dubai office this week. I’ve been working closely with Farhat and Rayiez to improve existing features and develop new ones for our IMS platform. The main thing we’re working on at the moment is an upgrade that will allow users to search and analyse areas of operation with …

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Mapping the most vulnerable places on earth

On Friday I took part in a mapping mission. It was part of The Missing Maps Project, a joint Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team, Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) and Red Cross initiative to put the world’s most vulnerable people on the map. This fantastic project is helping to create maps of unmapped areas, so NGOs, aid organisations …

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