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Making better use of news and social media sources

For many of our clients, understanding the ever changing political and security environment in frontier regions is crucial. Getting it wrong could have fatal consequences and lead to significant losses. Finding accessible and reliable sources to analyse can be incredibly challenging and time consuming.  That’s why we think it is really important to make better …

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Product spotlight: Information management system

Our information management system helps analysts working in frontier markets maintain a clear understanding of fast-moving political and security environments. Upload incidents to our online platform and they are visualised on a map, stored and shared with your team, and analysed as part of an automated process, improving the quality and efficiency of internal reporting. …

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Our spring reading list

We’ve put together another reading list of the books we’ve recently read or we’re looking forward to reading this spring. This follows on from our Christmas reading list which you can find here. Ray Kurzweil is now the Director of Engineering at Google. For decades he has explored the impact that artificial intelligence could have on expanding …

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