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If A knows B and B knows C

Have you ever wondered how LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook are able to suggest people you might know? The underlying concept is fairly straightforward and draws on graph theory to display relationships between people or objects. To put it simply, if you know Pete and Steve, who both know Paul, then it’s more likely that you …

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The power of your mind

Can you read and understand the text in this video?     Amazingly, most people can. It just goes to show how powerful your mind is when it comes to deciphering information. The video you just watched was set at about 240 words per minute. In this video we began to jumble the text up …

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Small Business Saturday

Just in case you missed it last week, check out our very own Lisa Ritchie talking about Inquiron for BizCrowd’s Small Business Saturday campaign. BizCrowd is a free online community for UK businesses. Their team travelled around the country speaking to small businesses and filming short intros to their companies. This was to celebrate Small …

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