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Research themes at Inquiron

I thought I’d briefly organise and synthesise into research themes some of the engineering topics we’re interested in and have recently been discussing and experimenting with at Inquiron. We certainly don’t claim to be experts in all of these which is why we are always on the lookout for anyone who can help us with …

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Engineering safety on the roads

We want to help Fleet Managers and Health and Safety professionals use vehicle and driver data to improve driver and passenger safety. We’ve therefore taken a keen interest in the highly detailed data from the World Health Organization (WHO) which shows how there has been a considerable effort across most high income countries to improve …

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The Aesthetics of Data Visualization

Design and aesthetics are not just important for creating memorable and engaging visualizations, they are an integral part of generating and communicating insights. Alberto Cairo’s book The Functional Art touches on this and highlights the fact that Edward Tufte’s ‘maximum data to ink ratio’ principle should not be taken to an extreme. The Functional Art provides an …

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