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Data Science London Meetup-December 2013

Last week I attended the latest Data Science London meetup, which had a focus on Graphs and Graph Data. The take home message for me was that graph databases are an exciting and distinctive piece of technology, firstly because they can simplify storage and analysis of messy data sets, and secondly because they provide a useful …

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OpenStreetMap London meetup – December 2013

Last night I attended the OpenStreetMap (OSM) London meetup to further get to know some of the team members behind this important resource we’ve come to rely on at Inquiron. I had an interesting conversation with Grant Slater, one of the system administrators of OSM, about some of the subtleties involved in geocoding. This the …

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Exploring open data

One of the things we’re excited by here at Inquiron in the increasing availability of open data. For the uninitiated, this is non-personal data that is reusable without restrictions and is often free to access and use. Increasingly we are seeing publicly-funded organisations being required to provide access to data. Some commercial organisations are also …

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