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Product spotlight: Cut down the time it takes to annotate security incidents on maps

Security Managers in high risk regions often have to give presentations or provide reports on incidents or security situations, demonstrating the possible impact on their company’s area of operation. Creating the visuals can be incredibly time consuming and images are often created in PowerPoint or Word. Drawing out text boxes and arrows to show offensive …

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Personnel Monitor – Locate your employees in Iraq, fast

Working in high risk environments such as Iraq means that companies have to closely monitor the changeable security and political situation. If an emergency does arise, Security Managers need to know how many of their people may be affected so that they can start the evacuation process. We decided to test how long it would …

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R&D: Using data to simulate journeys

[Image showing each time an asset reports in (every three minutes) along a route. The different colours represent different assets.] We’ve been doing a lot of R&D around tracked movement in the last few weeks. It can be hard to develop, test and demonstrate a journey without good simulated data. You need data to be able …

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