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Using summarisation technology to help you read reports

Most of our clients are exceptionally busy in fast-moving markets where time and money are a luxury. The analysts we work with spend much time sifting through lengthy documents from multiple sources trying to find valuable insights. We’re currently exploring ways of shortening lengthy text into a coherent summary, to try and reduce the amount …

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Making better use of news and social media sources

For many of our clients, understanding the ever changing political and security environment in frontier regions is crucial. Getting it wrong could have fatal consequences and lead to significant losses. Finding accessible and reliable sources to analyse can be incredibly challenging and time consuming.  That’s why we think it is really important to make better …

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If A knows B and B knows C

Have you ever wondered how LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook are able to suggest people you might know? The underlying concept is fairly straightforward and draws on graph theory to display relationships between people or objects. To put it simply, if you know Pete and Steve, who both know Paul, then it’s more likely that you …

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