We spend a lot of time researching and developing ways for our customers to get the information they want, but sometimes we stumble across things by accident.

That happened to me a few weeks back, at a recent IMPACT Today event in Dubai. IMPACT Today is run by Girls in Tech (Dubai Chapter) and Benjamin de Terssac, and is designed to kick-start local tech startups, encouraging collaboration and constructive feedback from peers.

I wasn’t expecting to meet anyone in the geo space – there are very few of us in Dubai – but one of the first people I met was Dirk Tilger.

Dirk’s a solutions architect with an interest in geospatial data and its use. I’m happy to say that Dirk has now joined us on one of our new projects, where he’ll be using his skills and experience to help us develop a disruptive product.

Going back to the meetup, the night brought together a wide range of startups, all at very different stages of development. While Dubai can’t yet compare with London with the breadth and depth of meetups, there is definitely a scene here and it’s growing. I’m excited we’re a part of this and look forward to meeting many more interesting and exciting people. We’ll be attending future IMPACT Today events so do say hello if you’re in town.