We’re always looking for new ways to help people find the information they need, fast. Recently we’ve been working on a way to enhance the geographic search within our platforms.

Location can be an important factor when you’re searching information, and we want to help our customers easily discover all the information that relates to a certain geographic area.

The idea is that you can choose a location, set a custom radius and then search to reveal all data that’s tagged in that area. This includes data from multiple sources, so it allows you to ‘search everything’ within that geographic area.

For example, as a security analyst, there may be times when you know an incident has taken place, but you’re given few details. You might receive a report of a car bombing in downtown Baghdad, which includes a grid reference and an approximate time of when the attack happened.

It’s your job to provide analysis on the incident. If that’s all you’re given, you’ll likely want to know more about potential targets in the vicinity or if it was close to a point of interest. Historic information about other similar events in the area would also be useful in order to create a comprehensive briefing.

We’ve been doing some R&D into speeding up the process of discovering information.

You’ll be able to see where the incident happened on a map, then easily search all points of interest around the grid reference you were given.  This helps you add vital context to your analysis. For example, you might discover that there was a political office nearby – a popular target perhaps – or a market. Both could have been likely targets.

Recalling other incidents nearby can add historic context to your work.  You can discover when similar events last occurred at the click of a button, within a customised radius or along a specified route.

This is part of the Inquiron Discovery tool we’re developing within our platforms and is something we’ll be expanding over the coming months.

If you have any questions about how our platforms use location data to speed up reporting, drop us an email.