Combining geofencing and routing can provide useful insights to our customers. We’ve incorporated the power of OSRM (open source routing machine) into our Geofence API so that it is easier to select fixed and custom routes for journeys. Selected routes can then be given a risk or threat level.

The combination of our geofence and routing API gives us more flexibility to trace and track movement of assets on the ground when they are moving into, out of or nearby geofences.

This also allows you to audit if an asset follows a planned route without deviating from the path. This is especially useful in high risk regions where drivers are often required to move along a planned route to ensure the safety and security of client resources.

The video below shows an asset in green moving along a set route shown in purple. A notification displays in the bottom left of the map when the asset moves in and out of the red geofence areas. If the asset deviates from the planned route, a notification is also shown.