Simplifying Complexity

We use data science to improve the safety and security of your staff.

At the core of what we do is automation. Our platforms save you time and extend your capability to structure, access and analyse mission critical information.

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Knowledge Management

We help you consolidate and store the information you need.

Data Science

We use computational problem solving to automate the time consuming tasks.


We help you to find patterns in your data on maps, in graphs, or in text.

We work to help people make decisions based on data. We started out with a focus on the world’s most dangerous places, now our systems are being used across the globe.

Assisting in a critical evacuation during the ISIS Northern Iraq offensive

An oil and gas major used our platform to understand where their people were in frontier regions. Having this information on demand was essential when they needed to evacuate a work site in an emergency. Now they use our platform across the globe and have integrated their HR systems and travel tracking information. Our system consolidates and visualises this information on an intuitive dashboard, allowing them to make critical business decisions faster.

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