Tomorrow is Open Data Day 2014, this is a global celebration happening in cities around the world to support and encourage the adoption of open data policies by governments at the local, regional and national level.

We’ve compiled a list of useful open data sources, which you can take a look at here. If there are any open data sources you find really useful then we’d love to hear about them. You can drop us an email or find us on Twitter @mapsdata  and @inquiron.

The visualization below maps the most recent scores from the Open Data Index – using data provided by the Guardian – and show progress being made around the world to liberate data. The larger the bubble, the greater the progress.

The index is compiled by the Open Knowledge Foundation and ranks which countries perform best in terms of open data based on a score. The scores are based on data collected in the Open Data Census and rank the accessibility and availability of information in ten key areas of governance including government spending, legislation and national statistics. At the moment this information is available for 70 countries.

The UK, US and Denmark are listed as the top three best countries in terms of open data.

Cyprus, Kenya, Yemen and India are amongst the lowest scoring countries.

Happy Open Data Day!

Mapsdata visualization showing the Open Data Index scores for countries around the world.