Security Managers in high risk regions often have to give presentations or provide reports on incidents or security situations, demonstrating the possible impact on their company’s area of operation.

Creating the visuals can be incredibly time consuming and images are often created in PowerPoint or Word. Drawing out text boxes and arrows to show offensive or counter-offensive movement can take time. It can also be hard to identify the exact location of the incident on a screenshot of a map.

We’ve developed a feature that allows you to select, annotate and format security incidents on a map quickly within our Information Management System. We’ve automated parts of the process to make it quick and easy for your team to create striking map visualisations that communicate your point.

We mentioned our image annotator in our previous post ‘A faster way to annotate security information on maps’. Now you can see it in action for yourself!

To find out more about this feature or the platform, drop us an email.