Over the next few weeks we’ll be introducing you to some of our products being used in frontier markets like Iraq, including our information management system, which helps analysts keep track of political and security information, and we’ll also be talking about some of the technology behind the platforms.

Today we’re kicking off with a post on our personnel monitor which helps businesses keep employees safe in difficult environments.


Personnel monitor

At the top of our minds when we were building the personnel monitor, was how to account for people in the event of civil unrest, a major health and safety incident, or worse, a major terrorist attack.

How many of your employees are in the country? Who are those people and where exactly are they? These can be difficult questions to answer.

Much more difficult than we thought when we first started tackling this problem but we soon found that companies operating in frontier markets like Iraq face this problem every day.

We’ve designed a simple, web-based system to help answer these questions. At it’s root, we link to a company’s method of gathering personnel data, whatever that might be. We do this by collecting data from various work sites, camps, or compounds throughout the country, which is then aggregated and displayed whenever you log on to the application. We can display how many employees you have in a country, who they are and where they are. We can also break that information down by country, district or custom regions.

In the event of an incident, you can simply look at your phone, tablet or laptop and answer that key question of how many people are affected, quickly and easily.

If you want to find out more about this innovative system, please contact us at info@inquiron.com.