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How many of your people are in-country? Who are they and where are they?

Our Personnel Monitor system allows you and your team to instantly answer these questions.

We integrate multiple sources of data in different formats, including travel information, on site POB spreadsheets, satellite and tracking data and access control systems, into a single online platform. This gets critical information out of email inboxes and disparate ‘information silos’, saving you time and making it quick and easy to locate your people.

Collating multiple sources of data means that all relevant information is in one easily accessible and centralised location, which gives  relevant managers shared access to vital information. Our system takes your sources, formats and structures the data and then automatically creates tables, charts and graphs.

Relying on more than just one data source also increases the accuracy of the overall system, as you can cross check information more easily. Our system also lets you see when data was last updated, making it easy for managers to follow up on out of date information.

The information is presented in graphs, tables, and on maps and can be shared with colleagues via reports and alerts.

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If you’re interested in hearing more about the Personnel Monitor system or would like to request a demo, please drop us an email.