All businesses have to mitigate against risk. When you operate in frontier markets, those risks could include civil unrest, terrorist attacks, natural disasters or major health and safety incidents. In the event of an emergency, access to accurate personnel information, including location, is critical in order to respond effectively to a rapidly developing situation.

We believe a centralised web-based platform can help companies mitigate the risks associated with operating in high risk environments.

Here’s an example scenario, which looks at how our Personnel Monitor system can help security managers effectively account for personnel in a crisis situation.


A global oil and gas company operates across twenty sites in Iraq. Reports arise that a terrorist group has launched a series of large-scale attacks near an area of operation, causing Security Forces to partially withdraw from the district. This is near to some of the company’s rig sites and the Security Manager needs  to evacuate or relocate the employees in the area. The  manager needs to figure out which of their sites are affected, how many people are on each site and who is at each location. The situation is fluid and developing fast.


  • The Manager logs into the Personnel Monitor platform.
  • By looking at the map view they can establish which sites are near the area affected by unrest (in this example sites 3 and 4).
  • The Manager goes to the search tab and searches for sites 3 and 4.
  • They can see how many people are affected and who is at which site, along with their company and nationality. The Manager can download this personnel information in one click, giving a full list of all employees and sub-contractors affected at each site.
  • This data can be shared with the teams on site to plan a relocation or evacuation, which helps ensure all personnel are accounted for.


Speed: Find the information you need, fast. Personnel information is available on demand and it’s quick and easy to filter by name, nationality, company or site.
Data accuracy: POB information is updated daily on the system. The system flags up out of date information and shows the date for the most recent upload.
Collaboration: Your company can have multiple logins, so teams can access the platform simultaneously and see the same information. If you choose to download your data it’s in a format that’s ready to share with other companies or organisations if needed, such as embassies or medical evacuation teams.

If data is not standardised or aggregated managers may end up wasting time figuring out which operational sites may be affected, by retrieving disparate data sheets and requesting information from other managers or the sites themselves.

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