What We Do

We work on projects across the world, often in high risk regions. Some clients use our platforms off the shelf, while others commission us to build them from the ground up. Our iterative and continuous development methodology means that our platforms continue to remain industry leading over the lifespan of the projects.

Helping an NGO keep their staff safe

Working in some of the world’s most dangerous places, a landmine clearing organisation has combined our software platform with their intelligence and satellite tracking data. Visualisation and analytical tools have helped them to create actionable insights into their data for ensuring the safety and security of their staff.

Using data science to detect fraud

We worked with one of the world’s largest banks, to help them see and understand fraud within their transactional data. We cleaned and normalised the anonymised data coming from multiple sources within their organisation, and provided a secure, updating, searchable map of these transactions.

Simplifying intelligence gathering and analysis for a Western Government

A five eyes government uses our platform to analyse and share critical security threats in high risk regions. Our user friendly platform makes their incident data accessible and helps them easily and swiftly create charts and intel maps, enhancing their threat assessment products.

Improving operations on a super-giant oilfield

On one of the world’s biggest oil fields, our platform is used to check the status of well heads and sites. We built a simple yet powerful smartphone app to gather offline data from remote machinery. We amalgamated geospatial pipeline and security intelligence information to give a consolidated view of both operations and threats across the huge site.

Developing fleet safety and efficiency for an Oil and Gas major

Going beyond typical fleet management systems we use data science and data visualization to improve driver behaviour and reduce operational costs through predictive maintenance. Integrating devices and smartphone data, we are able to provide a solution for an entire organisation.

Assisting in a critical evacuation during the ISIS Northern Iraq offensive

An Oil and Gas major uses our platform to understand where their people are in frontier regions. Having this information on demand was essential when they needed to evacuate a work site in an emergency. Today, they use our platform across the globe to better understand the locations of their staff and assets.