[Image showing each time an asset reports in (every three minutes) along a route. The different colours represent different assets.]

We’ve been doing a lot of R&D around tracked movement in the last few weeks. It can be hard to develop, test and demonstrate a journey without good simulated data. You need data to be able to reflect how real movement might look.

We used probability to solve the problem! Probability allows us to create simulated tracking data that looks real. Each ‘asset’ can choose between a number of preset routes, with fixed probabilities that they will choose any one route.

We then set the assets to leave at different times and give a position call at random intervals. This allows us to demonstrate the day-to-day behaviour of multiple assets at once.

We found this really helpful in terms of development. We are able to test the system under conditions similar to those our clients would experience, because our simulated assets behave like real-life assets. The simulated data also allows us to give better demonstrations of how tracked movement in relations to journeys might work.

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