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I thought I’d briefly organise and synthesise into research themes some of the engineering topics we’re interested in and have recently been discussing and experimenting with at Inquiron. We certainly don’t claim to be experts in all of these which is why we are always on the lookout for anyone who can help us with our understanding of these subjects.

Dynamic routing

How do you get from A to B via C and avoiding D, where C and D both may be a function of space and time? How to best organise the actors responsible for movement in this network?

Security, safety and resilience engineering

Security, safety and resilience engineering often involve some form of threat modelling and design of appropriate controls to mitigate those threats. How do we design controls and feedback loops so that security and safety emerge as stable properties at system level? How can we design a system so that actors and individuals with the system can be aware of those controls and feedback loops, and contribute effectively to safety and security?

Optimum decision approximation and decision making support

Decisions are what makes the world go round. How can we make the best possible decisions with the data and models that we have available to hand, for the case where there may be multiple stakeholders with partially conflicting goals? How can we use data, analytics and scientific methods to obtain fast, approximate answers instead of slow, precise answers? How can we build systems that support both centralised and distributed decision making?

Interested in any of our research themes? Drop us an email or get in touch via Twitter.