When you’re writing an analysis report, you have to draw on different sources to make sure you get an accurate and complete picture of the situation. This is the case whatever the topic, whether you’re doing an analysis of your competitors, investigating a new market or assessing the success of a campaign.

Our Information Management System (IMS) is used by security analysts who create risk assessments for frontier markets like Iraq. It’s the analyst’s job to assess the security situation in-country, by drawing on a range of sources like news reports, social media and third party information reports.

For some companies, the amount of data that needs processing is considerable, making useful analysis and comparison challenging. Collating all the data and transforming it into a useful and accurate report can become a lengthy process.

Integrating multiple data sources is a key part of our IMS. Creating a central store of data makes it quicker and easier for analysts to find and view all the information they need. We extract incident information from multiple sources, transform it into a standardised format, load it into our database before displaying it in tables, charts, graphs and on maps. The platform also integrates social media and news sources, so analysts have a single portal for all the data sources they need to create reports, reducing the amount of time it takes to find relevant information.

A significant advantage of the system is that historic information can be accessed instantly, from a single place. For example, if an analyst was asked to create an analysis report on the security situation in Iraq over the last two years, they would need to draw on many sources. It would be time consuming to trawl through two year’s worth of reports and event databases. However, if you can access all this information in one place with event data displayed on maps and in graphs, the process becomes easier, quicker and more reliable.

 If you want to find out more about the system then take a look at the IMS page or drop us a line if you’re interested in a demo.