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R&D: Using data to simulate journeys

[Image showing each time an asset reports in (every three minutes) along a route. The different colours represent different assets.] We’ve been doing a lot of R&D around tracked movement in the last few weeks. It can be hard to develop, test and demonstrate a journey without good simulated data. You need data to be able …

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Data Innovation Day 2015

The Center for Data Innovation is celebrating its third annual Data Innovation Day this year on 22nd January. The event will bring together data scientists, technologists, civic leaders and other experts to explore how data driven innovation is creating new economic and social opportunities. We’ll be tuning into the online event to listen to talks …

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Speed up incident reporting using a central store of data

When you’re writing an analysis report, you have to draw on different sources to make sure you get an accurate and complete picture of the situation. This is the case whatever the topic, whether you’re doing an analysis of your competitors, investigating a new market or assessing the success of a campaign. Our Information Management …

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