Tag: journey management

Design notes: on interoperability

It is a common problem for many businesses, that systems designed to solve specific problems are not designed to talk to each other. We’ve been considering this problem ourselves in the design of our systems at Inquiron. While our platforms have solved a range of problems for our clients in high-risk countries, we’ve found new …

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Engineering safety on the roads

We want to help Fleet Managers and Health and Safety professionals use vehicle and driver data to improve driver and passenger safety. We’ve therefore taken a keen interest in the highly detailed data from the World Health Organization (WHO) which shows how there has been a considerable effort across most high income countries to improve …

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Planning journeys in frontier markets: exploring the applications of routing algorithms

We’ve been doing some R&D work on the application of routing algorithms and wanted to share our progress. We’re interested in using routing algorithms to help identify the safest journey along a given route. Usually routing tools provides the shortest or quickest route from a starting point to a destination. To create a route, a …

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