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Personnel Monitor – Locate your employees in Iraq, fast

Working in high risk environments such as Iraq means that companies have to closely monitor the changeable security and political situation. If an emergency does arise, Security Managers need to know how many of their people may be affected so that they can start the evacuation process. We decided to test how long it would …

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Product spotlight: Personnel Monitor – how it works

How many of your people are in-country? Who are they and where are they? Our Personnel Monitor system allows you and your team to instantly answer these questions. We integrate multiple sources of data in different formats, including travel information, on site POB spreadsheets, satellite and tracking data and access control systems, into a single …

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Product spotlight: Personnel Monitor – locating employees in a crisis situation

All businesses have to mitigate against risk. When you operate in frontier markets, those risks could include civil unrest, terrorist attacks, natural disasters or major health and safety incidents. In the event of an emergency, access to accurate personnel information, including location, is critical in order to respond effectively to a rapidly developing situation. We …

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