Last week the whole Inquiron team was under one roof, as the London office flew out to sunny Dubai to spend time face-to-face with our talented tech team. Here are a few observations from our Data Analyst Max, who was visiting Dubai for the first time.

Max: Dubai itself is spectacular. We’ve spent each day marvelling at the weather—very different to London weather in October—and the extraordinary architecture. Just look at the view from our office!

We had a really productive week hammering out the details on our new website, working on our Data Science Consulting service line and developing new features for our existing products (take a look at Ray’s post on our search breakthrough).  But it wasn’t all work and no play, we took some time out to get to know each other better, to eat together, and even go bowling!

The London team are now back in Central Working, but we sparked off some exciting new projects and we’re looking forward to working on them together.