Inquiron | What we do
Inquiron designs and builds software that visualizes and analyzes data.
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What we do


Today organisations are storing a greater volume and variety of data than ever before. Data is a valuable asset but it can be challenging to turn disparate, messy data sets into useful, actionable insight.


We build systems that help our customers make better informed decisions. We do this by using technology and data to help people access the information they need on demand.  Some of our clients use our platforms off the shelf, while others commission us to build applications from the ground up. 


At the core of what we do is automation, which means you can save time and extend your capability to structure, access and analyse mission critical information. That allows you to concentrate on the things that count.


Get more from your data.

Want to do more with your data?

Our Products

Here are some of our products that are available for you to use today.


    • An online portal for creating and managing intelligence, analysis and assessments.
    • Automate your workflow
    • Manage incidents
    • Improve situational awareness
    • Designed for analysts, by analysts
    • Learn more


    • A reporting tool that integrates personnel data into coherent dashboards and reports
    • Saves time and money
    • Searchable database
    • Graphs, charts, and maps
    • See your personnel data on demand.
    • Learn more


    • Identify threats and vulnerabilities associated with the movement of your assets and personnel
    • Explore historic incident data
    • Visualize vehicle movements
    • Analyze, visualize and share
    • Reduce risk to your movement
    • Learn more

Tell us about your data analysis needs

The things we’re good at

We offer consultancy services, and build and deploy solutions to help our customers access, analyze and visualize information.


    Inquiron’s information management systems let you gather, access and analyse disparate data. We’re passionate about this and have engineered ways to link to your data or to 3rd party open sources. We use our own search algorithms to help you retrieve the information you need. And finally, we can help you see that information on maps, graphs, charts, and much more.


    We’ll help you explore your data in a new way, so you can make better decisions. How we do this depends on your needs and could range from answering a specific question to finding new patterns that exist within the information available to you. Our team of data scientists and engineers will work with you to make the complex simple.


    Our innovative visualization tools let you explore data graphically and interactively. We can map your data easily using our product, Mapsdata, or by providing you with custom mapping, and can develop and deploy a range of interesting and dynamic visualization tools to help you make sense of your data.

The sectors we serve

We work across a wide range of sectors to help people make decisions based on data. We started out with a focus on the energy and security sectors, and our systems are increasingly being adopted by the banking, telecommunications, retail, government and media sectors.


Learn more about the sectors we serve or contact us to talk about how we can help you.



We work with oil and gas companies in frontier regions, and provide some of the world’s leading companies with solutions to manage intelligence, operations, and their administration.  We started out in this sector and we’re proud to serve it.


The security sector is close to our heart.  Protecting people was the initial objective of our software solution and we’ve since developed systems to help the security sector assess threat, identify vulnerabilities, manage evacuations, and much more.


We’re currently developing advanced data science techniques to help tackle financial fraud.  We’re developing Bayesian statistical methods alongside geospatial analysis to identify patterns and threats to commercial and personal banking.


The government sector is currently using our Mapsdata platform to facilitate access to information, geospatially.  Some departments are using our tools for internal business intelligence, while others use it as a medium to communicate information, such as healthcare data, to the public.


We’ve seen our systems used to present research, raise awareness, and even fundraise in the case of one leading American school, which uses our system to analyse where alumni are most likely to make a donation to support future learning.


We’re proud to see our tools cited by leading data journalists who use some of our tools and software to support their work for some of the world’s leading publications.